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NEW! Soccer & Drinks - a show about women's soccer.

Lori Hanemann

This is going to be so much fun! A new dramedy about women who play soccer and their social lives off the pitch. Soccer & Drinks is the title of the new series which will debut on YouTube Friday, November 25th. I was able to interview one of the stars of the show, professional soccer player, Lauren Sesselmann. Lauren has played in the NWSL as well as playing for country - on Canada's national team.  Below is a preview of the show with a few words from Sesselmann.


Who and what brought about the idea for the show?

Well, the show was originally written for men, but the director decided how important it was to instead showcase 4 strong female leads since there is a lack of it in Hollywood. When I heard about the show I had to audition. I knew the director was looking for an athlete to bring real life experiences and expertise to the show, and I was fortunate enough to get the role. I think what is great, is that comes at a time when the national team players have been openly speaking about equal pay.

What's your character like?

My character's name is Ashley...she is a former pro player from Canada...this was the actual role before I even came into the picture so when I met the director I knew this role was meant for me. In the first season, Ashley is a bit more shy than the others, but she is a strong leader on the field and not afraid to defend her teammates. You see more of Ashley and what she goes through in the second season. She is trying to find herself and trying to figure out where she belongs. She is also a big tomboy!

Who writes it, and do they consult with you, a professional player?

The director is one of the writers along with his team and yes he gave me the script to review and allowed all 4 of us to have a say in what happens and how we want our characters to develop. He wanted to touch on a lot of important issues that we as females in general and female athletes come across or face. 

How true to life do you think the characters and conversations are?

The characters and conversations are real, things that we have all personally faced or others that we know have faced. We talk about things that usually we are too afraid to speak about but they are important to be addressed. That is what this season 1 is all about...introducing the characters and their personalities....we want to hear from the fans...we want to know what they want to see and learn more about. This show, yes, is meant to be funny, but at the same time it takes you through the lives of 4 unique and special women.

Are there social issues (equality,  gender,  race...)written in or is it strictly comedy?

We touch on all of these things!!!

Do you think it will have a positive impact on the growing women's game?

 Season 1 is just the start, the beginning of us making something really special. We had a small budget and a small cast....but we hope to raise enough money if the fans want to see more so that we can develop and create and even better Season 2!!! The women's game is growing immensely and women in general are getting better jobs, and better roles in Hollywood. There is still so much work to do, so we hope with this show it helps!!! 

Be sure to subscribe to the Soccer & Drinks YouTube channel so you can watch the debut and find all future episodes. They're fundraising to make a second season: CLICK HERE FOR THE INDIEGOGO FUNDRAISER.

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Teammate training challenge, soccer style.

Lori Hanemann

US Soccer 

US Soccer 

Enjoy this epic trick shot battle between two NWSL stars, Tobin Heath v. Yael Averbuch. This is a really fun way to play the traditional basketball game of 'h.o.r.s.e., but with our beloved soccer ball. If you don't have time for a full game, just grab a teammate and try one of the shots after practice. It's important to make sure there's time for some fun on the field whether you're playing, coaching. or at a business conference. Get creative Soccer Girls and and have a go!