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US Soccer announces SheBelieves internship

Lori Hanemann



US Soccer announces SheBelieves internship. 

"The SheBelieves platform aims to inspire and encourage young women and girls to accomplish their dreams both on the field and off. This exciting platform includes the SheBelieves Cup, SheBelieves Hero, and additional programs with the goal of positively impacting their lives. Through SheBelieves, U.S. Soccer aims to instill in every young woman and self-confidence and positive action towards being their best self."



NEW! Soccer & Drinks - a show about women's soccer.

Lori Hanemann

This is going to be so much fun! A new dramedy about women who play soccer and their social lives off the pitch. Soccer & Drinks is the title of the new series which will debut on YouTube Friday, November 25th. I was able to interview one of the stars of the show, professional soccer player, Lauren Sesselmann. Lauren has played in the NWSL as well as playing for country - on Canada's national team.  Below is a preview of the show with a few words from Sesselmann.


Who and what brought about the idea for the show?

Well, the show was originally written for men, but the director decided how important it was to instead showcase 4 strong female leads since there is a lack of it in Hollywood. When I heard about the show I had to audition. I knew the director was looking for an athlete to bring real life experiences and expertise to the show, and I was fortunate enough to get the role. I think what is great, is that comes at a time when the national team players have been openly speaking about equal pay.

What's your character like?

My character's name is Ashley...she is a former pro player from Canada...this was the actual role before I even came into the picture so when I met the director I knew this role was meant for me. In the first season, Ashley is a bit more shy than the others, but she is a strong leader on the field and not afraid to defend her teammates. You see more of Ashley and what she goes through in the second season. She is trying to find herself and trying to figure out where she belongs. She is also a big tomboy!

Who writes it, and do they consult with you, a professional player?

The director is one of the writers along with his team and yes he gave me the script to review and allowed all 4 of us to have a say in what happens and how we want our characters to develop. He wanted to touch on a lot of important issues that we as females in general and female athletes come across or face. 

How true to life do you think the characters and conversations are?

The characters and conversations are real, things that we have all personally faced or others that we know have faced. We talk about things that usually we are too afraid to speak about but they are important to be addressed. That is what this season 1 is all about...introducing the characters and their personalities....we want to hear from the fans...we want to know what they want to see and learn more about. This show, yes, is meant to be funny, but at the same time it takes you through the lives of 4 unique and special women.

Are there social issues (equality,  gender,  race...)written in or is it strictly comedy?

We touch on all of these things!!!

Do you think it will have a positive impact on the growing women's game?

 Season 1 is just the start, the beginning of us making something really special. We had a small budget and a small cast....but we hope to raise enough money if the fans want to see more so that we can develop and create and even better Season 2!!! The women's game is growing immensely and women in general are getting better jobs, and better roles in Hollywood. There is still so much work to do, so we hope with this show it helps!!! 

Be sure to subscribe to the Soccer & Drinks YouTube channel so you can watch the debut and find all future episodes. They're fundraising to make a second season: CLICK HERE FOR THE INDIEGOGO FUNDRAISER.

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Invest in yourself.

Lori Hanemann

This is a pic I took in July, in Barcelona, at the Parc de la Ciutadella during my 'summer of soccer'. I had made a decision to invest in my own professional business goals and that meant spending money on a trip to Europe.  To find happiness and freedom in your work life, I believe we really have to invest in ourselves and what works for us and our situation. I wanted to visit England again where soccer/football is an enormous economic machine - it is everywhere and feels a bit like paradise. I brought my teenage son along as a gift for graduating high school this coming summer. He wanted to visit Spain and the beaches, and I wanted to visit Camp Nou. Traveling with my son was thrilling and satisfying, and I knew I was investing in his future as well with the experience of world travel. Lucky kid, huh?

This trip brought me soccer connections while also improving the culture and future of my business. It isn't always going to be a trip to invest in (darn), it might be an education, a professional outfit or equipment, or a certification or degree that can take you where you're aiming. Remember, time can also be a currency to invest in your dreams - it doesn't have to be always financial. I'm sure many of you have already invested a lot of your time and efforts towards your work goals. Whatever it takes to get you to the next step in your goals and objectives, please go forward. Plan, then invest in you. You won't regret it. #stayinthegame

RESOURCE: Check out Ellevate Network - a global professional women's network. This isn't a sponsorship; I am just in love with their Twitter feed and resources. #motivationalasheck


Here are your U.S. top women college soccer players, ready for draft day

Lori Hanemann

2008 North Carolina team of college hopefuls. How many soccer girls do you recognize? 

2008 North Carolina team of college hopefuls. How many soccer girls do you recognize? 

Here is a list sorted by college conferences of the top 20 players in each conference(as of October 10th and the season isn't over yet). I'm guessing they're all excited and anxious about the pending January NWSL draft.

Top Drawer Soccer College Player Rankings

For some perspective on what it means for a professional career, take a look at the last year's players. Last year's top 5 ranked college players have started off with successful careers:

2015 top 5 ranked women

Morgan Brian   the Houston Dash & United States women's national team   

Dagny Brynjarsdottir Portland Thorns FC & the Iceland national team

Sam Mewis Western New York Flash & the United States women's national  team

Abby Dahlkemper  Adelaide United (Australia W-League) on loan from WNY Flash

Sarah Killion  Adelaide United (Australia W-League) on loan from Sky Blue FC


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Teammate training challenge, soccer style.

Lori Hanemann

US Soccer 

US Soccer 

Enjoy this epic trick shot battle between two NWSL stars, Tobin Heath v. Yael Averbuch. This is a really fun way to play the traditional basketball game of 'h.o.r.s.e., but with our beloved soccer ball. If you don't have time for a full game, just grab a teammate and try one of the shots after practice. It's important to make sure there's time for some fun on the field whether you're playing, coaching. or at a business conference. Get creative Soccer Girls and and have a go!

Take chances. Pass the ball.

Lori Hanemann



A little bit of fun and a little bit of think, as I head off to bed. There's some lighthearted ideas and some deeper philosophies to ponder in this simple little meme. There's one saying in there I think we've all probably thought to ourselves in a match or watching our fave team...'pass the damn ball'. I'm thinking of it off the pitch too. We all can use a little help in our lives, but outside the game it can be awkward to yell for someone to pass it to you or give you a chance. But that's part of teamwork anywhere, talking and communicating clearly. Sometimes the one with the ball has to take the lead and be aware when someone could use assistance. This really is good if you're working professionally in the sport or playing on the field - pass the damn ball. Goodnight~L


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5 recent updates to the U.S. Women's Soccer Equal pay complaint

Lori Hanemann

Five updates you should know about the US Women’s equal pay discrimination complaint.

In March, U.S. soccer players Carli Lloyd, Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, Becky Sauerbrunn, and Megan Rapinoe, filed a complaint against the U.S. Soccer Federation, with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging that members of the women's national team are paid significantly less than their male counterparts.

Here are the recent updates:

Five updates you should know about the US Women’s equal pay discrimination complaint.


In March, U.S. soccer players Carli Lloyd, Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, Becky Sauerbrunn, and Megan Rapinoe, filed a complaint against the U.S. Soccer Federation, with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging that members of the women's national team are paid significantly less than their male counterparts.


  1. A judge ruled they have to wait until their collective bargaining agreement expires  December 31, 2016, to renegotiate and go after equal wages and/or be able to strike if equal terms aren’t met. Remember they were threatening to strike and boycott the Olympics this past summer? 

  2. Senator Patty Murray (D) Washington State & Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) New York formally requested details of revenue agreements from the marketing firm (Soccer United Marketing) that manages the marketing, promotional, and commercial rights to U.S. Soccer. The consolidation of deals and sponsorships for both the men’s and women’s team, keeps the exact amount of revenue dollars a mystery to most. The inquiry is not a formal subpoena, so the firm can ignore the request.  Click here to read the request.

  3. The Paycheck Fairness Act, a legislative resolution (which would amend the Equal Pay Act), passed in the Senate but failed in the House. It would prohibit employers from taking action against employees who disclose salary information with co-workers, equal pay violations would be stronger, and hold accountable employees to prove wage differences between men and women are caused by other factors besides gender.

  4. Carli Lloyd recently commented on the complaint, "Things are going well with that. It's my duty and our team's duty to continue this fight. I want to leave the game better off than when I came on.”

  5. FIFA has created a new Women’s Football Division, which should help improve gender-based wage equality around the world. Heading up the Division is former Samoan national team player Sarai Bareman, appointed as Chief Women’s Football Officer. She’ll also serve on the FIFA management Board, so this is great news to have such a high ranking female FIFA official, to add a different perspective to the table when discussing money allocations to Member Associations and women's development programs. 

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Lori Hanemann

I use this hashtag a lot. #offthepitch. It's so important to me that I even schedule it on my calendar to type it, share it, hell - even pay to boost it on social media.  I use it when sharing pics of female players from around the world, when they're not on the pitch/field. I grew up without photos of female soccer players (cause I played in the 70's and 80's) in magazines and not often on the television, so I'm all for more and more coverage of soccer match coverage. But I also want female players of all ages to see our pro athletes out living life, not only playing soccer. On the field they're great role models as inspiration to work hard achieving goals and leading active healthy lives, but outside of the stadium can be inspiring too. Mainstream media and entertainment are flooded with airbrushed images of models and celebrities showing what corporate advertising says you should look like, but what about you athletic ladies whose strong thighs don't leave a gap and girls who don't aspire to walk a runway or be on reality tv? Thigh gaps and runway models are okay for lots of people, but not every girl is attracted to the same thing. We need diversity. Seeing our heroes take a selfie in the park or enjoying the beach with family, provides other visual ideas about external beauty and lifestyles. This is positive reinforcement, to see females you can emulate and look up to.  So, these images off the pitch, show the athletes close to how they are in real life. Yes, there's lots of posing that comes along with social media images, but at least they're out there to be seen with many different styles of dress, hair, makeup/no make up, interests, and lifestyles. Women athletes are not an oddity with just extremely good genes and unatainable abilities; they are people who work really hard and have unique lives away from the sport. Some are writers, business owners, mothers, college students, etc.. And, retired players being seen by the younger generation is terrific as well, watching them stay in the game and become professionals in the sport, working behind the scenes, raising families, starting businesses, or going back to school. I realize we're still fighting for more press coverage of women in sports, but it's time to see the full picture of women soccer players, on and off the pitch. 


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