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The women's game. Women working in the sport of soccer/football, on the pitch and off. How to create a professional career in the sport you love. Stay in the game.


Equal Playing Field

Lori Hanemann

A group of women footballers are making a Guinness World Record attempt! 

Players from around the globe are attempting to play a match on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, at 18,799 feet. Pay attention, because they're doing it for you. As a female playing soccer, you already know the discrimination and struggle for recognition and equality. The women's game has come a long way since I first stepped onto a dirt field in the 70's, but it continues to be dismissed and ignored worldwide. This project will be raising awareness of equality in sport and creating an equal playing field. 

Women from 20 different countries will walk out on a volcanic ash pitch and attempt to play a full 90-minute, 11-a- side regulation game, officiated by FIFA referees.

“The playing field is not equal. We want to use the climb to highlight the gender inequalities faced today by
women in sport. Women have fewer opportunities to play sport, get paid less when they do, and don’t get the
same coverage or respect in the media. I don’t want to be having this same discussion with my future children.” Laura Youngson (Founder) – Melbourne, Australia

 They will be joined by a documentary team and a TV crew to try to spread the word as far as possible. If they succeed, they will break the Guinness World Record for the highest altitude football game ever played. The players, from almost 20 countries, include former German star Petra Landers, former Mexico captain Monica Gonzalez, Canadian National Sasha Andrews, Afghan nationals Zahra Mahmoodi and Hajar Abufazl, French nationals Sandrine Dusang and Julie Soyer, Egyptian Player of the Year 2011 Esraa Awaad, South African record goal scorer Portia Modise, former FIFA World Cup referee Jacqui Hurford (née Melksham) and pro players or competitive amateurs from Argentina, France, Indonesia, Jordan, Sweden, the UK, US and the United Arab Emirates.

Let's all join in with enthusiasm and cheer for their project - what a thrilling and meaningful adventure it will be. I can't wait to see the film they create from this fantastic mountaintop dream. Follow along on their Facebook page, and you can still support them financially at their web page. Good luck ladies, I'm in awe of your power and emotional about what this will mean to female footballers everywhere. CLIMB!!!


Mental fitness is as important as match fitness for women soccer players.

Lori Hanemann

Prompted by today's trending Twitter hashtag, #bellLetsTalk, I wanted to write a short post about mental health and remind all of you that taking care of yourself is just as, if not more, important as your soccer fitness. The hashtag comes from the Bell company, and it's program to give to mental health initiatives when people tweet, text, etc. using their hashtag#

It's a great reminder that we should all make the topic of mental health part of our life and to not fall into the stigma that comes with it. It should not be an embarrassing topic, though society has created these myths and false ideas about it. Most everyone, despite their public personality, deals with their mental health every day, at some level. Many have a handle on it by methods which work best for them, counseling, exercise, medication, education and so on.  The point is to not be afraid to discuss it with friends and family, or find a counselor if you don't have support elsewhere.  Mental health issues should never be ignored, and you deserve to live your best life. Don't battle it alone. There is help out there. If you play soccer your mental focus and fitness will determine how well you'll do in the sport. Even if you're great but are hiding depression, anxiety, or other challenges, just think how much greater you'd be if you got some help in managing it. Or if your career is in the sport, keep mentally fit to bring focus to your work and leadership. Take care of the whole you. It's okay to ask for help. Email me if you can't sort it out


Here's a US suicide hotline if you or a friend needs urgent help. Call 1-800-273-8255 Google for a number if outside the US. 

Tips and tools for finding a job in women's soccer

Lori Hanemann


Everyone says 'yes' when asked if they want a career in soccer. Women still playing are focused on making it as a professional player and pros are considering how to stay in the game after retirement or injury. Women who don’t play but love the sport want the chance to create a career in the beautiful game.

But how do you actually go about making this happen?

You must first know what you want. I’ll post a few links at the bottom which will help if you still are pondering what you want to do for your career. If you already know, below are some tips and tools for finding opportunities as well as some examples of what’s currently out there. I’ve compiled an assortment of the types of positions you will find in the soccer world. This is a very short list of vacancies compared to the job possibilities out there, and I haven’t even included high school and university soccer programs. I just wanted you to have a look and maybe one of the job titles will expand your thinking of how you can fit into the world of soccer career professionals.

There are several websites that you can use to peruse sports jobs and using a filter of the word ‘soccer’ or ‘football’ will produce a clean list of career options. These are the ones I used in America, so just do a google search for employment sites similar to these below, if they don’t work in your country.

Indeed - sign up for job alerts with the keyword ‘soccer’.

Work in Sports

Google alerts

Linkedin job search app and alerts


NWSL - National Women’s Soccer League in the U.S.


  • Communications Manager
  • Player and Club Services Coordinator

FAWSL & FA Football Association Women's Super League in the U.K.

The best resource for jobs in the UK is from one of my favorite groups, Women in Football, which is a network of professional women working in the football industry. Shout out - check them out no matter where you live!

These are a couple of the positions they had listed for the FA and FAWSL.

  • Mens, Womens & Resource Performance Analysts
  • Performance Analysis Education Lead (Maternity Leave Cover)
  • Women’s First Team Coach - Brighton and Hove Albion FC (Women’s and Girls’)
  • General Manager at Bristol City Women Football Club
  • Watford Ladies FC is currently looking to recruit a First-Team Head Coach to join the Club.
  • BBC Sport recruiting two Assistant Producers to join their TV Production team

FIFA Federation International Football Association. The big show - FIFA!

  • Director Sales & Strategy
  • Head of Compliance Operations & Strategy
  • Senior Event Manager Corporate Events

Football Federation Australia

  • Project Officer – Women’s Football Football Federation Australia

UEFA - Union of European Football Associations

  • Management Assistant  Operations        
  • Buildings & Site Manager        
  • Brand Production Coordinator    
  • Hospitality Production Manager    
  • Media & PR Coordinator    
  • English Translator & Editor

German Football Club

  • Department of Amateur Football
  • DFB Search Base Coordinator


I hope this broadened your thinking of the types of jobs available in soccer. Coaching and referee jobs are what I hear people talking about the most, but if those don't interest you, you can see there is a long list of positions that can keep you in the game. And please don't forget entrepreneurship - create your own company or charity around soccer and see where it takes you. Good luck. Let me know if you have questions or other tips I can pass along.


Click the links below for past posts on figuring out what you want to do for work and how to set goals to achieve it.





Free goal setting worksheet for women's soccer

Lori Hanemann

We've all settled in from the fun and chaos of a new year, right? Some of you may have set New Year's Resolutions, but did you go to the next level and get specific about your purpose and passion in life? Below is a simple worksheet, created to get you started at thinking at the macro level of what you want your life to look like in the future so you can begin work creating goals and actions. Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you or if you have any questions





Name *


The newest US women's professional soccer players are...

Lori Hanemann

The National Women's Soccer League had their annual draft of college players on January 12, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. 148 players declared themselves eligible for the draft, with there only being spaces for 40 of them in the ten NWSL teams. That means there are over 100 amazing women soccer players who had their childhood dreams pushed down. I congratulate all of the new professionals, what an achievement, but I'm also thinking about those 100+. My hope is that they have good people around them to help them stand back up after the push down of their dream. It's a hard push but they can continue the dream - there are League roster rules that can allow some of them to get picked up by teams as Discovery players. There are professional leagues abroad for which they can try out. All hope isn't lost yet, there is still are a lot rules to be followed and strategic maneuvering to be done by coaches before the roster freezes into place. 

To all of the players who registered and put themselves out there - you are good enough. Keep training and keep after your WANT. No matter what happens this year, if soccer is your passion, you can stay in the game. Congrats on your college career - you've already achieved so much. And to current college and youth players - use the draft day as motivation to train harder, think different, and go for it! Below is the ENTIRE draft day for you. 


What's your personality type - on and off the soccer field?

Lori Hanemann

I worked in the non-profit/charity business for a long time, in various roles in Development from receptionist and membership to Executive Director. One year I was sent to Montana with its endless blue skies and a grizzly bear out behind the fancy private lodge we stayed in. At the retreat to train employees to progress in their career and help the company's mission, is where I was first introduced to Personality Testing.  Have you heard of the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment? 

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a questionnaire designed to show your preferences in how you perceive the world and how you make decisions. Google it if you want to learn the history and theory behind the test, as I want to keep this piece a bit lighter and action related. In short, a famous psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung stated there are four principal psychological functions that determine how humans experience our world - sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. And usually one of these four functions is dominant most of the time. Please don't yell at me about this rather poor explanation, but I wanted you to have some background for the exercise I'm going to write about - the fun part of this post. 

I found a terrific self-assessment you can take online for free. Typically Myers-Briggs official test is given in-person by a certified instructor; that's how I originally took the test. I'm sure there are really important reasons for having the instructor assist you, and please find one if you feel you need a professional there with you as you dive into an introspective state. The link I will provide is absolutely just to give you an idea about yourself you might not have considered. The entire personality type idea has plenty of criticism online, so take this as serious as you want and need, or laugh at it as you compare with a friend. 

I'm sharing it because I found it to be weirdly accurate and fantastically helpful in both my business and personal life. I think you'll like the amount of detail you get for your specific type out of the 16 available. It made a big impact for the better at work and how I dealt with all the different work personalities, as well as at home in relationships and how I was parenting. I think this could most definitely apply on the soccer field as well. With some of your teammates, you might easily guess pretty close as to which type they are, and it will give you some powerful insights on how to communicate better. Your teammate might crumble without getting any compliments at practice or she might energize if you shout out encouragement during the match. We all respond differently to how we're treated. We're not all the same. Coaches, please know this to be true. If I was to get shouted at with encouragement during a match, I'd get mad and frustrated. But, if you told me one specific thing I did well while we're walking together to the car afterward - I'd be buzzing all night with happiness and motivation. Don't try and analyze everyone you know and be annoying, just keep it to yourself and see if people respond differently to how you treat them. Share it with friends and family if you're really into it and want to know their type. 

If you'd like to give it a try, the website I found (not an endorsement or affiliate of any kind) does a great job putting the lengthy test into an easy online activity which only took me about 5 minutes to get through - but I kind of zipped through wanting to answer with my first instinct. There is probably directions on there to get you started and how to get the best results. Give it a try and comment or email me if you have questions or want to tell me what type you got.


16 Personalities

Below is my result - I'm an ENFP! What are you?

Soccer Girls, add vacations and getaways to your calendar NOW!

Lori Hanemann

Have you purchased your annual calendar? Or do you use an electronic one? Either way, it's planning season, and time to dream about destinations unknown and vistas around the next corner.  Can't you feel it in the air? Actually, I can't feel anything in the air here in Alaska - we're having a crazy record-breaking coldsnap, and it's forecast to get 50 below zero Fahrenheit! Yikes! My teen is off to Los Angeles to tour colleges, and I'm left here to keep the house from freezing up. So, yes vacations and warm beaches are on my mind! I laid out my moleskin, graph-paper planner and opened my google calendar a few days ago, to pencil in all the travel, staycations, soccer tournaments, and weekend trips I want to take for the entire year. You and I know how fast our calendar fills up with work, family, and obligations, so it's a must to make that commitment to living a happy good life. Getting out and seeing new places and people, trying new food, and just leaving the house is a huge part of a happy life, isn't it? I use pencil in my planner because life happens and plans change, but at least if it's written in and I see it, I'll be more likely to make concrete plans. I'll book a flight and hotel room, I'll call friends and invite them to join me at the season opener for the Seattle Reign. I'll choose other weekends when making future plans because I've already committed in advance to make time for myself. It's written in the calendar; it's not some vague notion that I'd like to take a vacation this year. 

Give it a try and make your year full of adventures, with intent. With planning. Now, go enter in all of your fave women's soccer games for 2017 and see what happens!


Do you have a map to get to a career in women's soccer?

Lori Hanemann


Many of you have the dream of playing soccer professionally or working in the sport. If you're stuck at how to start or what to do to move a step forward, make a map. A Massive Action Plan. This concept was made known to me from the ever inspiring and helpful Tony Robbins. Here's his youtube channel, check it out to find useful ideas and practices for your personal and professional life. But what can you do right now?

Focus on your want. You don't ask yourself what you're going to do, ask what do you want. Do you see the difference? What do you want? To play college or pro ball. To have a career in soccer. Focus in on your want and be specific with all the normal W's (Where? When? What team?).

Once you have that want and that belief about yourself that you can achieve it,  you have to set goals.   What are the goals/results you need to accomplish to get your want?  A new training schedule. A different nutrition plan. A coaching certificate. Applying for a new job. Make a list of goals that relate to your want. 

Next is mapping out the actions you'll take. The action is what is going to give you results. And those results will reinforce the want/the belief about yourself. This is the MAP, the massive action plan. Set out very specific and measurable actions which will allow you to reach the goals. 

Your want > your goals > your actions

Example: Your want/purpose is to make a career in the sport you love, soccer/football.

Your goals are to get a degree at University and to work at FIFA in Switzerland.

Your actions are many and specific. Research what jobs you might like to have at FIFA, research what degree you will need to be qualified for that job, research Universities with that degree program, Universities with Sports Management degrees. Your actions will evolve as you reach different goals. They key is to keep your actions very specific and reachable - there's such a great feeling of checking off an action and then a goal on the way to your want, your purpose, your passion!

Give it a try - create your own Massive Action Plan tonight. Email me if you get stuck Good luck, Soccer Girls!

Name *

Congratulations to ALL of the nominees - outrageous!

Lori Hanemann


Elizabeth Addo, Gabrielle Onguene, & Asisat Oshoala the nominees for Africa's Women's Player of the Year Award.


My heart hurts today... These three women probably have a bruised heart as well. Today at the African football awards ceremony, only one of these amazing athletes was invited, and I'm guessing it was because she was the winner  - Asisat Oshoala of Nigeria. Congrats Superzeee, we love you and are so happy for your much-deserved win (I got to see her play against the US at the World Cup in Canada). Elizabeth Addo of Ghana and Gabrielle Onguene of Cameroon are the other two nominees for the Women's Player of the Year award. The Women's category was considered one of the 'lesser' categories for the award show and therefore it was decided (by who?!) to only invited the winner.  LESSER!? Oh, how that pisses me off. They are not less than anyone else filling those award show seats. They are nominated as one of the BEST players in all of Africa! These women, their families, and other athletes were reading about the awards on social media, leaving the nominees wondering where was their invite. This is outrageous and so dismissive. I couldn't even find out who the three nominees were from the Confederation's website and had to ask via Twitter. A few journalists and former players informed me that this has happened in the past as well. It's so awful, and I'm feeling powerless to make a difference in this wrong.  I'm writing this as my blog post today to help spread the recognition these fabulous footballers deserve. They all had outstanding seasons and accomplishments, they deserve to be honored. They didn't get the thrill of the invitation, the excitement of getting dressed for the formal night, and they didn't get the honor to sit among their peers and have their name called as one of the best in the sport. Please help spread the photo and love around your social media in hopes that Asisat, Elizabeth, and Gabrielle will see and feel the respect from all of us.  Congrats to all three women and especially to Superzeee for the winning award!

Top 3 questions to ask as you evaluate where you're at, Soccer Girls.

Lori Hanemann

I've been doing a lot of business and self-reflection as 2016 ended and the new year has begun. Like so many, the end of a year brings on waves of nostalgia,  and I let myself look back. I have a bad habit of looking too far back, and then I start the negative self-talk of how I've not done enough or accomplished what I'd like to have at this place and time in life.  I've been extra mindful of that bitchy negative chatter in my head, which for some reason shows up often when I get up in the middle of the night to take a pee. When critical ideas arrive in my brain then, I'm foggy and tired, so I tell that internal voice to fuck off and leave me alone and that I'm doing just fine and am right where I need to be.  That mindful practice of listening for that inner critic has been so helpful in keeping me present and allows for letting nostalgia find a fond welcoming in my mind. After enjoying the memories of delightful of the fun I created in 2016 (summer of soccer!! Wembley, Camp Nou, Old Trafford, staying in Hotel Football in Manchester, watching Messi score a free kick!, watching United lift the Community Shield, watching Zlatan debut and score at Old Trafford, seeing DeGea in goal,  and watching every game of my son's outdoor season. Geesh I need to get to more women's soccer this year - easier once I'm out of Alaska), I began looking at personal and professional goals and what I achieved last year. I use paper and pen at first to capture all my successes and struggles. Looking back can lead you to look at what didn't work for you, but don't dwell there. Give it an honest appraisal of what you can learn from it and how to make it happen this year, or explore what it would feel like to let it go. Here are the top 3 questions to ask yourself as you look back and evaluate where you're at. I hope it helps you with goal setting for this awesome new year.

1. What worked really well? Did you have a couple goals you were able to succeed at? Celebrate those - go juggle the ball, literally pat yourself on the back, or go have a square of dark chocolate. Shining the light on what worked well will put you in a positive state of mind and you'll feel better about setting new goals. After the celebration, dissect what worked and what actions you took to make it happen? Did you break a goal down into measurable smaller goals that were manageable and easier to accomplish? Did you focus on attracting what you want and let go of negativity and complaining? Did you create new routines which helped you focus on the goals? 

2. Why didn't that work? What goals did you have last year that just didn't work out? It's hard to look at your failures, but it's necessary so you don't keep repeating the challenges. Learning from mistakes is one of the most fulfilling things in life. It can keep you from feeling like you wasted that time and that you did at least try.  Did you put in the work? Did you need help but were afraid to ask? Sometimes we set goals but don't check in on them regularly to see if you're on track. Make them realistic and set reminders in your calendar to check in on them. 

3. Did I have fun? Do you enjoy your career or educational pursuit? Do you have healthy relationships with people who make you smile? Are you exercising? Are you happy? Life throws a lot of challenges in front of us, but hopefully the majority of your time is spent in the present being fulfilled and working on things that satisfy you. If you're not having some enjoyment in life each and every day, it is time to look deeper at the goals you set for this year and see what you can let go of in your life.  Sometimes just tweaking one or two things in your life can bring big changes. Watching and playing soccer is always fun - start by adding that to the top of your list and you'll have a great 2017! 



Top 11 Style Winners in Women's Soccer

Lori Hanemann

Around the globe, with nearly 30 million women and girls playing the beautiful game, women are taking their sport to more fans each year and capturing their interest on and off the field. The women work hard to keep their under-funded leagues popular and supported by doing off the pitch fan engagement and social media mingling. These pro women athletes have a lot of style and we want to recognize more than just their enviable athletic bodies and charismatic smiles. We're defining style by how they engage their communities at home and away, their unique fashion sense, and what creativity and engagement they share on their social media platforms. Thanks ladies for being terrific ambassadors for women's soccer around the world. Peace. We own no photos - they are shared from social media.

We own no photos - they are shared from social media.

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Nigeria's female football team takes protest to the street.

Lori Hanemann

It is unfathomable that the Champions of Africa must protest in their hotel, and now the streets of Abuja, in hopes of getting paid.  This has happened before,  where they are promised they will receive what they have earned and then not  get paid. 

The Super Falcons just brought honor to Nigeria by winning the title of champions of Africa,  and instead of a relaxing rest and holiday at a beach,  the team held a sit-in at their hotel to bring attention and political pressure to the fact they are not being paid.  This morning the teammates headed on foot with protest posters to the National Assembly and will move on to the Presidential Villa to request the money due to each of them. 

I hope these elite professional athletes will be taken care of financially and honored - soon. We're thinking of the team and send best wishes and strength.  We're also thinking of all the soccer girls behind them watching this disrespectful treatment and wonder how the football federation expects to grow the women's game after this unacceptable behavior.  And lastly,  we're thinking of the moms, who might already struggle with giving permission for young daughters to play a sport thought by many to be for men only. This will only exaggerate any limiting stereotypes about the women's game. 

My hope is to wake up and this be resolved, with sustainable plans in place to keep it from ever happening again. 

Congratulations Super Falcons on your eighth African title!

photo credit Savid News

photo credit Savid News

Reflections far from a soccer field

Lori Hanemann

Far from any soccer field,  here's a flashback-Friday, as I continue to reflect on my time in #Alaska.


This was from my time living up in the remote bush in the Arctic. You can see a bit of the shack I stayed in when up the creek, gold mining in grizzly bear and mosquito country.


December brings time for reflections and nostalgia, before jumping into the goal setting mindset of a new year.  When my son brought me this picture  he'd found at his dad's, I couldn't help but look back at that much younger me on the 3-wheeler, and remember the wild ride of a life lived in the extremes and all the crazy and amazing things I've been able to do.  I'll miss a lot of things about Alaska, but there's a lot I won't miss, like today, as I write, it's another dark 20 below zero Fahrenheit morning. Brutal,  but I'll just pop some vitamin D and continue to plan for the new life ahead after my son graduates. No empty nest syndrome for me,  as I'll be leaving the nest too - both of us off for new lives!  Summer will bring new landscapes, opportunities,  and soccer fields.

NEW! Soccer & Drinks - a show about women's soccer.

Lori Hanemann

This is going to be so much fun! A new dramedy about women who play soccer and their social lives off the pitch. Soccer & Drinks is the title of the new series which will debut on YouTube Friday, November 25th. I was able to interview one of the stars of the show, professional soccer player, Lauren Sesselmann. Lauren has played in the NWSL as well as playing for country - on Canada's national team.  Below is a preview of the show with a few words from Sesselmann.


Who and what brought about the idea for the show?

Well, the show was originally written for men, but the director decided how important it was to instead showcase 4 strong female leads since there is a lack of it in Hollywood. When I heard about the show I had to audition. I knew the director was looking for an athlete to bring real life experiences and expertise to the show, and I was fortunate enough to get the role. I think what is great, is that comes at a time when the national team players have been openly speaking about equal pay.

What's your character like?

My character's name is Ashley...she is a former pro player from Canada...this was the actual role before I even came into the picture so when I met the director I knew this role was meant for me. In the first season, Ashley is a bit more shy than the others, but she is a strong leader on the field and not afraid to defend her teammates. You see more of Ashley and what she goes through in the second season. She is trying to find herself and trying to figure out where she belongs. She is also a big tomboy!

Who writes it, and do they consult with you, a professional player?

The director is one of the writers along with his team and yes he gave me the script to review and allowed all 4 of us to have a say in what happens and how we want our characters to develop. He wanted to touch on a lot of important issues that we as females in general and female athletes come across or face. 

How true to life do you think the characters and conversations are?

The characters and conversations are real, things that we have all personally faced or others that we know have faced. We talk about things that usually we are too afraid to speak about but they are important to be addressed. That is what this season 1 is all about...introducing the characters and their personalities....we want to hear from the fans...we want to know what they want to see and learn more about. This show, yes, is meant to be funny, but at the same time it takes you through the lives of 4 unique and special women.

Are there social issues (equality,  gender,  race...)written in or is it strictly comedy?

We touch on all of these things!!!

Do you think it will have a positive impact on the growing women's game?

 Season 1 is just the start, the beginning of us making something really special. We had a small budget and a small cast....but we hope to raise enough money if the fans want to see more so that we can develop and create and even better Season 2!!! The women's game is growing immensely and women in general are getting better jobs, and better roles in Hollywood. There is still so much work to do, so we hope with this show it helps!!! 

Be sure to subscribe to the Soccer & Drinks YouTube channel so you can watch the debut and find all future episodes. They're fundraising to make a second season: CLICK HERE FOR THE INDIEGOGO FUNDRAISER.

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Are they going to strike? USA Women's soccer

Lori Hanemann


Players on the US National team continue to move forward in their fight against gender discrimination, demanding equal pay. As I wrote in an earlier post,  their contract with the US Soccer Federation expires December 31st, and they are prepared to strike. 

Carli Lloyd, Becky Sauerbrunn, Christen Press, and Morgan Brian will appear on 60 Minutes tonight to discuss their stand for social justice.  Please watch! 

Click the link for a preview of the interview:

Invest in yourself.

Lori Hanemann

This is a pic I took in July, in Barcelona, at the Parc de la Ciutadella during my 'summer of soccer'. I had made a decision to invest in my own professional business goals and that meant spending money on a trip to Europe.  To find happiness and freedom in your work life, I believe we really have to invest in ourselves and what works for us and our situation. I wanted to visit England again where soccer/football is an enormous economic machine - it is everywhere and feels a bit like paradise. I brought my teenage son along as a gift for graduating high school this coming summer. He wanted to visit Spain and the beaches, and I wanted to visit Camp Nou. Traveling with my son was thrilling and satisfying, and I knew I was investing in his future as well with the experience of world travel. Lucky kid, huh?

This trip brought me soccer connections while also improving the culture and future of my business. It isn't always going to be a trip to invest in (darn), it might be an education, a professional outfit or equipment, or a certification or degree that can take you where you're aiming. Remember, time can also be a currency to invest in your dreams - it doesn't have to be always financial. I'm sure many of you have already invested a lot of your time and efforts towards your work goals. Whatever it takes to get you to the next step in your goals and objectives, please go forward. Plan, then invest in you. You won't regret it. #stayinthegame

RESOURCE: Check out Ellevate Network - a global professional women's network. This isn't a sponsorship; I am just in love with their Twitter feed and resources. #motivationalasheck


Remember the Soccer Girls before you

Lori Hanemann

I’m feeling nostalgic this morning and have been thinking about Sylvia Gore since her passing in September. She was a legend in English Women’s Football on the pitch and off. Her death at age 71 makes me think about how important it is for all of us to remember and honor the players before us. They were young soccer girls as you were, full of passion for the sport and obsessed with kicking the ball about. Some made the choice to stay in the game after their playing days were over, making the women’s game stronger and more popular than ever before. Please consider a career path that allows you to work in the sport you love, as those before you did and are doing right now. It makes a difference. Sylvia Gore did, and oh what a difference she made. I’ll post a few of her career highlights below and here is an article from The Guardian to learn more.


  • England’s first goalscorer in women’s international football.
  • Scored 134 goals in one season!
  • Manager of Wales in the 1980s.
  • Football development officer for Knowsley council.
  • Served on the FA women’s committee.
  • MBE honors in 2000.
  • Ambassador for Manchester City Women.
  • Inducted into the hall of fame at the National Football Museum.

I couldn’t find a photo with permission to use so I gathered just a few of the many mentions of her on Twitter.  #stayinthegame


The Best FIFA Football Awards

Lori Hanemann

Experts from the FIFA Women’s Football & FIFA Women’s World Cup Committee have selected the contenders for The Best FIFA Women’s Player 2016. Voting is now open for you to choose your top 3 players. Click here to vote.

Voting is also open for the Best FIFA Women’s Coach. Your first choice receives five points, your second gets three points and your third choice one point. You have until 22 November to submit your three votes. On December 2nd, the final shortlist of three coaches will be announced. Click here to vote for Best Women's Coach.

And I know you're all excited to learn who is nominated for the Puskas award for best goal of the year. Here's what the latest from the FIFA website, 'A list of ten candidates for the The FIFA Puskás Award, drawn up by an experts' panel integrated by Marco van Basten, Marta and Gabriel Batisuta, will be announced in November. From that final shortlist, a public vote will ensue, with the three winners from that first voting stage becoming the final nominees, where a second voting stage will open. These three will be announced at a later stage.'

The winners of all of the awards will be revealed at The Best FIFA Football Awards show in Zurich on 9 January.


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Women in the Workplace 2016 report - is there a soccer girl advantage?

Lori Hanemann

I want to pass on this insightful and important report from Lean In and McKinsey & Company on Women in the Workplace 2016.  Soccer Girl is all about empowerment and equality and wanting to encourage women to stay in the field of soccer/football in their professional lives to bring more female voices to the sport and therefore  more diverse input and decision-making at all levels. The study is from corporate America, but I believe the data is useful worldwide, so have a look and let me know what resonates with you.

The purpose of the study and findings is to provide companies the data and information they need to promote female leadership and gender equality. One of the things I got out of it, and have lived it in different professional positions, is that many companies have policies and procedures in which they refer to when asked about best practices or answering to Boards, but they are inconsistent in practicing them. This inaction leaves a big gap for employees at all levels when decision making happens about hiring, promotions, gender diversity, and professional development. I also found interesting a statistic that one of the big differences between women and men in not wanting a higher leadership role was the pressure. I wonder if female athletes feel that way, seeing how practice and match performance brings a lot of pressure and having already experienced so much of that on the field, maybe it translates into the office. I’m curious about that - do you think female athletes have any advantage in moving up in the corporate world?

Key findings

  • Women are less interested in becoming top executives—and see the pros and cons of senior leadership differently

  • Women ask for feedback as often as men—but are less likely to receive it

  • Women get less access to senior leaders

  • Women are negotiating as often as men—but face pushback when they do

The four clear steps recommended to companies to make change:

  • Make a compelling case for gender diversity.

  • Ensure that hiring, promotions, and reviews are fair.

  • Invest in more employee training.

  • Focus on accountability and results.


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