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What if all your belongings were gone? Soccer Girl

Lori Hanemann

Time won the match. But, I’m winning the tournament. I did end up finishing packing my carry-on suitcase, my son’s old soccer backpack with #19 on it, and a travel purse. But what about everything else? My little log cabin was a rental, and I’m not going back so I had to clear it out completely. I have downsized twice already in my life, so I did not have decades of accumulation to get rid of. Still, I had stuff, and I had to let it go. My intention is to be a nomad for awhile, with a goal of no storage unit. Days of purging meant a lot of hard work and emotions. Holding an object in my hands, which at some point in my past had meaning, and considering what it means to me now is deep personal work. And making the decision to donate or throw it out is a grand lesson in letting go of attachments to material things.My son packed all his belongings to go off to college, and the remaining keepsakes from his childhood I sorted and organized and got them down to three large totes, which he is storing at his father’s. My items were mostly photographs from five decades of life, important papers, and a few cherished gifts and memorable treasures I’ve had forever. Take a moment to imagine, all of your possessions able to be boxed up into one average size box. For some, this will seem awful and unthinkable, and I understand that. I’m a highly sentimental person so I get the importance of legacy and heirlooms. I’ve just decided to be extreme with my intention and to let go of things to make room for my second-half of life. I could have made the choice to stay home with stuff and be lonely as a single mom with an empty-nest and unfulfilled with work. But, I knew that wouldn't be healthy or rewarding for me, and I’ve been waiting for new opportunities, stories, and locations for quite a long time. I’ve put about three years into this idea; this adventure. I don’t regret letting go of things, and I’m excited about my future. So one box (and a smaller box of holiday heirlooms) are stored at my friends, and I’m off to look for your soccer stories.


- Onward