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One-way ticket to fear and uncertainty. Soccer Girl.

Lori Hanemann


I think this is the first time I've bought a one-way airplane ticket. That means there are no definite plans to return to where I've been, and I'm fine with that. I want the fear and uncertainty,  as it means I won't be living in society's box of working rigid hours and repeating daily routines. I'm aware those things offer comfort and reduced stress, but right now I want something different. I bought my ticket yesterday, Fairbanks to Frankfurt direct. A non-stop arc up over the top of the world, landing in Germany. Today, I'll figure out the next leg to my final destination,  Zagreb, Croatia. Eastern Europe is attractive to me because of its architecture, warm people, love of football, and some Mediterranean-like coastal towns. I want to start in the big city as my base, and travel from there to find football,  lots and lots of football. While planning my adventures, I'm also trying to get rid of most of my possessions and help my son and his best friend,  who's just arrived from Hawaii, get sorted for college. They've planned an epic buddy road-trip down the Alaska highway to Los Angeles where their college is.  I'm still working full time, getting a wildlife charitable organization up and running, but working from home as a contractor makes it a bit easier to get things done.  It's quite chaotic in my tiny little Alaskan cabin right now, and I feel the pressure of time pushing down.  It keeps me quite busy and helps distract me from the reality that my son's childhood is over and he's moving out. As a single mom of one child, we've become so close. It's a brutal breakup, bringing me to tears often. But, almost simultaneously, I'm full of excitement watching him plan his new life and craft his independence. Cheers to both of us, as we start our new lives. 

I'd better go make another cuppa and buy the Frankfurt to Zagreb ticket.