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Assault on Women's Football - a guest post

Lori Hanemann

I read a blog yesterday about individuals experience that left me frustrated, yet hopeful and inspired. Frustrated by a female footballer's  story of the struggle to develop her football career since youth league, but also inspired that she is speaking up about unacceptable behavior within the games management. There are many headlines and social media posts regarding the governing body of FIFA growing the women's game, and I believe it and feel that is terrific news. In fact, I think most of you reading this, support that campaign and mission with enthusiasm. But, what is really going on for the female teams at the Association and club level? Ceylon Andi Hickman is the guest blogger today, as I give my blog space to share an article on her experience with England's Football Association. Please give it a read no matter what country you're in, then speak up in the comments if you're having similar set backs at your Association, club, or school. It's important for individuals to speak up, so that as a collective, behavior that doesn't promote the women's game will be called-out, recognized, and redirected to grow and support female players at all level 

CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY - Boys, Bibs, and Broken Promises: The FA's assualt on Women's Football.

Ceylon recently graduated from King’s College, Cambridge with a degree in Politics. During her time at Cambridge, she was a stalwart of the university’s first XI. She is also a regular contributor to the podcast, A Team of John O’Sheas, and writes frequently on women's football in the UK. She tweets @ceylonandi.

Blog post shared from: A Team of John O'Sheas