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Equal Playing Field

Lori Hanemann

A group of women footballers are making a Guinness World Record attempt! 

Players from around the globe are attempting to play a match on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, at 18,799 feet. Pay attention, because they're doing it for you. As a female playing soccer, you already know the discrimination and struggle for recognition and equality. The women's game has come a long way since I first stepped onto a dirt field in the 70's, but it continues to be dismissed and ignored worldwide. This project will be raising awareness of equality in sport and creating an equal playing field. 

Women from 20 different countries will walk out on a volcanic ash pitch and attempt to play a full 90-minute, 11-a- side regulation game, officiated by FIFA referees.

“The playing field is not equal. We want to use the climb to highlight the gender inequalities faced today by
women in sport. Women have fewer opportunities to play sport, get paid less when they do, and don’t get the
same coverage or respect in the media. I don’t want to be having this same discussion with my future children.” Laura Youngson (Founder) – Melbourne, Australia

 They will be joined by a documentary team and a TV crew to try to spread the word as far as possible. If they succeed, they will break the Guinness World Record for the highest altitude football game ever played. The players, from almost 20 countries, include former German star Petra Landers, former Mexico captain Monica Gonzalez, Canadian National Sasha Andrews, Afghan nationals Zahra Mahmoodi and Hajar Abufazl, French nationals Sandrine Dusang and Julie Soyer, Egyptian Player of the Year 2011 Esraa Awaad, South African record goal scorer Portia Modise, former FIFA World Cup referee Jacqui Hurford (née Melksham) and pro players or competitive amateurs from Argentina, France, Indonesia, Jordan, Sweden, the UK, US and the United Arab Emirates.

Let's all join in with enthusiasm and cheer for their project - what a thrilling and meaningful adventure it will be. I can't wait to see the film they create from this fantastic mountaintop dream. Follow along on their Facebook page, and you can still support them financially at their web page. Good luck ladies, I'm in awe of your power and emotional about what this will mean to female footballers everywhere. CLIMB!!!