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Do you have a map to get to a career in women's soccer?

Lori Hanemann


Many of you have the dream of playing soccer professionally or working in the sport. If you're stuck at how to start or what to do to move a step forward, make a map. A Massive Action Plan. This concept was made known to me from the ever inspiring and helpful Tony Robbins. Here's his youtube channel, check it out to find useful ideas and practices for your personal and professional life. But what can you do right now?

Focus on your want. You don't ask yourself what you're going to do, ask what do you want. Do you see the difference? What do you want? To play college or pro ball. To have a career in soccer. Focus in on your want and be specific with all the normal W's (Where? When? What team?).

Once you have that want and that belief about yourself that you can achieve it,  you have to set goals.   What are the goals/results you need to accomplish to get your want?  A new training schedule. A different nutrition plan. A coaching certificate. Applying for a new job. Make a list of goals that relate to your want. 

Next is mapping out the actions you'll take. The action is what is going to give you results. And those results will reinforce the want/the belief about yourself. This is the MAP, the massive action plan. Set out very specific and measurable actions which will allow you to reach the goals. 

Your want > your goals > your actions

Example: Your want/purpose is to make a career in the sport you love, soccer/football.

Your goals are to get a degree at University and to work at FIFA in Switzerland.

Your actions are many and specific. Research what jobs you might like to have at FIFA, research what degree you will need to be qualified for that job, research Universities with that degree program, Universities with Sports Management degrees. Your actions will evolve as you reach different goals. They key is to keep your actions very specific and reachable - there's such a great feeling of checking off an action and then a goal on the way to your want, your purpose, your passion!

Give it a try - create your own Massive Action Plan tonight. Email me if you get stuck Good luck, Soccer Girls!

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