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The newest US women's professional soccer players are...

Lori Hanemann

The National Women's Soccer League had their annual draft of college players on January 12, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. 148 players declared themselves eligible for the draft, with there only being spaces for 40 of them in the ten NWSL teams. That means there are over 100 amazing women soccer players who had their childhood dreams pushed down. I congratulate all of the new professionals, what an achievement, but I'm also thinking about those 100+. My hope is that they have good people around them to help them stand back up after the push down of their dream. It's a hard push but they can continue the dream - there are League roster rules that can allow some of them to get picked up by teams as Discovery players. There are professional leagues abroad for which they can try out. All hope isn't lost yet, there is still are a lot rules to be followed and strategic maneuvering to be done by coaches before the roster freezes into place. 

To all of the players who registered and put themselves out there - you are good enough. Keep training and keep after your WANT. No matter what happens this year, if soccer is your passion, you can stay in the game. Congrats on your college career - you've already achieved so much. And to current college and youth players - use the draft day as motivation to train harder, think different, and go for it! Below is the ENTIRE draft day for you.