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Team Building - soccer girls unite!

Lori Hanemann


Team Building Exercises 

You're on the field with a group of girls or you coach more than a dozen ladies in soccer - but are you a team? Team Building exercises might seem  hokey, or like touchy-feeling nonsense, but if they help make you win - why wouldn't you try it? If you haven't done any exercises/drills like these before you might feel shy or embarrassed to look silly in these seemingly nonsensical games. But they aren't nonsense, they are designed exercises that have psychological benefits and will grow you into a true team that plays well together.

You all have common goals - you want to play soccer and you want to win your matches. If you can start just with that simple act of speaking that truth, a reminder that you do all have the same vision - one that bonds you together. 

If, as a team, you try out some of the tried & true exercises, I think you'll begin to develop an atmosphere of trust and confidence in your teammates and your coach. You'll get to know each other even better than you do now, and if the exercise is a good one, you will build a confidence in each other and trust that your defender is going to have your back if a speedy forward gets past you. Or, you'll have assurance when you send a pass, your teammates will try to not be off-sides.  Each of you should want to win for yourselves but for your teammates and coaches as well. The team building creates a spirit of agreement among you. 

Make this process fun, not a chore. Tap into each others creativity to get the most out of the drills. Laugh, giggle, and fall down laughing with each other, but never at someone who is putting themselves out there by sharing personal information or is putting themselves in a vulnerable state in the exercise. Take it seriously and respect each other. 

If you play better, your team plays better. If your team plays better, you play better. Win-Win! 

Resources: Here's a couple videos to try it out. Comment your results.


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