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Q & O's: What are your latest Quirks & Obsessions?

Lori Hanemann

What makes you, you? I have met so many fascinating and inspiring soccer players, I thought it'd be interesting to see what you're all into right now. What's a quirk about you that plays a role in making you who you are? A quirk is defined as a peculiar behavioral habit. So, what's your quirk?

And, what's your current obsession? An obsession is something that preoccupies your mind and/or lifestyle. What's your craze, compulsion, or passion today, this week...this year? What are you into?  

Get it? I asked this provocative question to Helenna Hercigonja-Moulton, a world citizen playing and working in Croatia. Check out her website Hella Offsides.

QUIRK: "So my quirk would probably be tanning because I grew up in the sun really in Miami and Jamaica and I'm used to being tan Europe I got lighter because of the winter but as soon as the sun comes out I try to get my tan back as soon as possible, so when it's warm outside I always try to get some sun, whether it's tanning, playing or training outside."


OBSESSION: "My obsession is authentic food. I love eating anything homemade, organic, original and/or specific to a certain culture...although it's unfortunately getting harder and harder to easily locate authentic food because everything has become industrialized...but otherwise, good food and drinks are definitely something I thoroughly enjoy (always in the right doses)."

Janine Van Wyk - South Africa. Captain of senior women's team. Olympian. 

QUIRK: "I speak to myself quite often in the mirror! Encouraging, motivating and getting myself "ready" or "pumped" before I have to play a big match or something!!"

OBSESSION:  "I love new hairstyles, so I change my style or color almost every month so so..."



Claire Stancliffe - England. Great Britain Deaf Women's football team. Captain. 

QUIRK: "...playing football. That's all I seem to do around working lol."


OBSESSION: "would have to be sign language!"

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