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Stay in the game!

Lori Hanemann

Over 30 million females play organized soccer around the world. You love it, don't you? But what's next after your days on the pitch are over? Will you stay in the game?  Have you considered how you can do this? If soccer is a great passion of yours, please consider (if you're not already) taking your skillset and finding a career in women's soccer. There are more positions, in addition to being a ref or coach, for creating a rewarding connection behind the scenes. So many career choices can be molded to fit into a soccer position - medical staff, marketing, journalists, management, sales, operations, team owners, board member, and so many more. I hope you'll keep this in mind if you're about to enter university, study for the career you're intersted in and give it some creative thought as to how it can be complimentary to a job in female soccer.  

The more females working in women's soccer, the more influence we can have in expanding gender diversity in the business of soccer, giving a female perspective and voice. The data and media shows the dominant sentiment around the world of soccer is that it is a male sport both on the field and off. Aren't you tired of hearing that? Women are trying to get in to shift that culture, navigating through the business of the sport they love, with stories of females getting management positions at FIFA being released more often. FIFA just set a goal of doubling the number of female players to 60 million by 2026, as part of their new strategy to bring women's soccer 'to the mainsteam'. There is a new and developing Women's Football Division at FIFA, and they're committing $315 million to develop the women's game. It is so important that women around the world are included in supporting this development.  If you're thinking of a career change, consider if your skills can crossover to the soccer industry. Professional women must keep up with the growth of the sport, bringing a voice at the table.

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