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The women's game. We’re building a community of female-owned brands that bring value to the soccer community.


Soccer nutrition - it ain't about Slurpees at 7-eleven, ladies!

Gear Girl

Soccer Nutrition - Free 10 minute presentation

Do you eat a huge breakfast before a Saturday morning game and then bonk right after pre-game stretching? Or do you skip breakfast and then can barely make it through to half time without shaky legs? Ladies, it just takes a bit of know-how to keep up your energy levels for the entire game, and to recover properly. Just practicing your ball skills and game drills isn't enough - it's your responsibility to show up fit and fueled. This is a simple video but with several practical tips on how to eat before the game, keep energy up with snacks and fluids during, and what is the best way to eat right after a game to help your muscles recover. Note-it's not a Slurpee at 7-eleven and donuts. Consider taking your nutrition seriously - you'll elevate your stamina to a new level. Bon appetit'!