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Dang girl! Look at those hips! How's your mobility, though?

Gear Girl

  Yoga session for Soccer Girls

Do you think about your hips much as they relate to your soccer game? Flexible stretched-out hips are all-important in your playing ability and recovery after games and practices. Do you ever lift up your leg and feel that muscle tightness in the hips on Sunday morning after a game? That means you need to do some more stretching, and incorporating some yoga moves into your routine is a smart and fun choice.

Think about how much you use your hips in soccer - you're swinging your leg from the hip on every kick, every pivot, and every jump. While one hip is helping you take a shot on goal, the other one is helping hold that planted foot in place and keep you from tipping over from all that muscle power you're putting into it. Yoga offers a path to stability, flexibility, and endurance of your muscles.  This video is very simple and doesn't take much time, but I think you'll like how it feels to open up those muscles and hold those stretches. You'll reduce soreness and recovery time and you'll be a better player if you keep up with your stretching. Yoga on, girls; Yoga, on!

Look at that hip swinging!

More hip swinging!
Your stretches at practice are probably based on yoga moves

Soccer Yoga!