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Inspiration - what keeps you going when no one else cares?

Gear Girl

This is purely inspirational! 

What inspires you? Do you find it within yourself to work harder, to keep going at the end of the half when you're exhausted? Does your inspiration come from wanting to please a loved one, teammates, a coach? Maybe hoping to play on a College team or moving up to the National level keeps you going when your thighs are quivering - completely spent from 90 minutes of running.

If you have never taken the time for introspection on what inspires you; take a few minutes to think about it. It's important when you find yourself depleted and wanting to quit. We all get there, when we are exhausted from our daily routine - practice, practice, practice. I know, I know you love practice - you're a die hard. I can relate, but there will be times when your work load, family life, or boyfriends/girlfriends tap your energy levels and they drain. Identify what gets you going and keeps you going - rejuvenation!!  What makes you feel like a kid again and makes you crave to be the first one to change into your boots and get on the fresh cut grass? What pumps you up and gets you excited all over again? Does victory get you there? Awards? Compliments? Seeing others who are a step above you doing things you hope to accomplish? It's not a bad idea to keep those ideas stashed in your head for when you need to dig deep - then you'll have a place to go.

I'd like to offer you a little bit of inspiration for your day. Give this video a look and see if the Ladies National Team inspires you as they work HARD - they're pushing themselves at a level few attain.

It makes me want to get up from the computer and head over to the gym right now! Give me a medicine ball, dammit!  Grrrrrrr.