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Ankle trouble? How to tape your vulnerable ankles.

Gear Girl

How to tape an ankle.
Somehow I am able to completely roll my ankle all the way over until the bone seems to touch the ground, and not swell up or sprain it. I must have freaky ligament genes, I guess. I know there are some of you out there with the same condition. BUT, there are also some of you who sprain your ankle just stepping on a blade of grass or trapping the ball! It's frustrating to miss a practice or game to let your injury heal. Hopefully your ankle falls somewhere in between those two extremes and you rarely get any pain or injury to your all important ankle.
A lot of players like to tape their ankle as a preventative measure to keep the ankle supported when they're playing. I've included video I found of a simple and basic taping method for those of you who aren't sure how to tape. Maybe you've seen other players taping before a game or the pros getting taped pre-game. It might be worth looking into if you're prone to injury or have some pain there, and think a bit of support would give you some confidence. You can get the materials at any sports store, just ask a clerk if you don't know where to look. If you're inexperienced and want to try it out after watching the video, ask your coach if they can help or see if anyone else on your team tapes. If done improperly it could mess up your game, you'll know because it will feel uncomfortable and limit your range of motion. So get help if you need it. And not everyone needs it, so don't think it's a 'must-do' procedure. 
And fyi, while looking for a picture to include in this post, I had to see several google images of sprained ankles or even worse, ankles being sprained in a sport situation! Aaaaggh, it made me weak it was so gross. I had sympathy pains in both ankles!! Take a look at the pic I did choose so you're familiar with your body structure and you know what's going on when you do roll your ankle. A soccer players' feet are her most important assets - let's keep them healthy!